It's time to make a move for Men's Health


Mo Bros & Sisters, the time has come for us to make a move for Men’s health. As a Major Partner for Movember, we’re here to support you, while you support the cause by signing up to Grow, Move or Host to raise funds.

We know we’re stronger together, so join the challenge and sign up to be a part of the lululemon team for mind and body support (and a loud group of cheerleaders to keep you motivated).

Why have we partnered?

As a brand grounded in movement, mindfulness, and connection, we know these practices have the power to support mental, physical, and social wellbeing.

We believe that partnering with a leading organisation like Movember will allow us to accelerate and expand access to wellbeing tools across Australia and New Zealand – creating real, lasting change within our communities


Join us

Head to and Sign Up or Log in.

Click here to join the lululemon australia & new zealand challenge

Get growing, moving or hosting and encourage your friends, colleagues and family to recognise your efforts by donating to your MoSpace in cash (or compliments!) before Movember 30.

Where can I find lululemon support?

Tune into @lululemonausnz for live conversations, movement practices and classes for moving your body (think: sweat) and your mind (think: meditation).



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Jase Te Patu, lululemon Wellington Ambassador, shares his self-care tips. The aim - to find balance with our physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing.


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How runner Mick Heron shifted his perspective on life & the way he views the world after being pronounced dead at the age of 16.